Striping SSDs for performance

Do you stripe your SSDs or use RAID at all?

If so, what RAID configuration do you use and what performance gains have you seen?

Any problems or bad experiences?

Can you setup RAID on an existing system without having to re-install Windows (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit) ?

Utterly pointless unless you want RAID for recovery purposes. The performance of SSDs is way beyond the demands made of any DAW application.

Haven’t done it on SSD’s, don’t see the point.
But have years ago using regular drives in raid 0.
Only problem I ran into, that some disk image programs failed to backup or even worse failed to restore.
Don’t know if that is an issue anymore, but worth finding out beforehand.

Only a lunatic would choose RAID 0, what that means is a loss of one of your drives means you’ve lost all the data on all the drives you’ve stripped across. The worst of all worlds! It also makes backing up more difficult as you have to be able to dump the combined capacity of the whole RAID group.