Struggling to get connect/performer working - need setup advice

If you have VST Connect PRO you can set up a local connection with another computer running the VST Performer app.

Yeah only got the one sadly
As i have previously said, it was far more productive when i had a Steinberg techie online with me in the studio as they could see what i was doing and help out, plus they could be the performer OR the studio as required…is it possible to set that up again?

Sorry can’t, we’re developers, and as you may have noticed even working late into Sundays…just give it a try.

Ok, no problem, the support ticket is still open anyhow

Had another session online with Oscar from support and he Teamviewered onto my PC to do config/setup
Including looking at CUE SENDs
And we still could not get it working successfully…i added some more screenshots to the ticket…he is going to try find a deep VST Connect expert to chat ti about it…but i am getting a little fed up now…had this app since v4, upgraded to t and have so far had no luck at getting a session done right

Had reply from Oscar and i think he has spoken to you too (mr developer) - thank you
I have to say i have never explored the world of cue sends before
So basically from picking bits up, a cue send config is used to send the audio from a project to performer?
If you want the performer to hear the whole of the project content (say to sing along) can you simply cue send the stereo out channel?

Yes, click “Mix” in the VST Connect Cue Channel in the Control Room.


Oscar and i tried that unsuccessfully
I have not got 2 PCs here to test it alone
Will have to wait until Oscar returns or my friend is available again