Struggling with the PLE? Don't forget you can drag and drop!

I’ve seen a few comments where people are struggling with the Project logistical editor and just thought i’d share something i didn’t know about for years. which has saved me mass amounts of time even though I’m quite proficient at it which is - Drag and Drop!

Thats right, you can select a bunch of midi notes or even parts (i think) and drag them across to a blank (that part is important) PLE window. It will then populate the selection criteria based on the information you fed it, how cool is that?


This is actually a bug, though it can be useful.

When using the PLE you can select items using the filter pane, but you cannot use the action pane for anything. Since only the post process pane works here I report it as a bug. (It might even be an unfinished feature). The reason this is important is that users in the process of learning the logical editors will observe the lower pane does nothing in this case, and it certainly should since that’s how the PLE and LE function.

The process does work in the Logical Editor, so this tip is 100% valid with the LE.

bug reported to Steinberg.

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As discussed, I don’t agree why this would be thought of as a bug, it’s in the official manual and is part of a ‘general’ approach to all windows like this including the project/track input transformer. After-all , a bug is usually something unhelpful, i’ve been using it this was for years.

I’ll confirm again, you absolutely can drag and drop midi elements (individual blocks/events, parts etc) onto the top section of the project logistical editor for the purposes of populating the various values/if/or statements which can otherwise take time.