Struggling with vertical alignment

Hello community, I’m really struggling to make these things align properly. There are three elements here: the octave line, the harmonics symbol and the slur line. This is what I think it should look like automatically:

But this is how it’s coming out:

As you can see the harmonics are all messed up and collide with the 8ve text and are placed above the 8ve line. I know I can push the line higher in Engrave mode, but I cannot select the harmonics as a whole and there are hundreds of them. I would also want them below the slur.

Is there a way to tell Dorico to align the harmonics next to the notehead? I tried playing around with tucking index with no results…

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This post might offer some help:

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Right, so there’s no way of doing it automatically… At least we would benefit from some way of selecting/filtering harmonics only.

Curiously, I can move the harmonics on the left bar with Alt+Shift arrow, but not the ones on the right… What gives?

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