Stubborn empty measures

I’ve looked at the documentation, but can’t find a solution to my problem. I wrote a march that goes from 6/8 to 4/4. All the 6/8 bars are fine- the rests were automatically placed as I entered the notation. However, in the 4/4 section, some bars are TOTALLY empty. They should have whole rests in them. Some of the staves in the same section DO have whole rests as they’re supposed to have. The thing is, I cannot manally enter them in these empty bars. Nothing happens in notation input. But, if I copy and paste notes from another part of the score into the a naked bar, they do show in the measure, and all following empty measures have the correct whole rests in them. However, when I delete those pasted notes, all the empty measures have no rests in them again- except of course, the staves that already correctly had them. The parts are fine- only the score refuses to let me add the whole rests in the naked bars. Help, please?

You’ve inadvertently copied some notes that have the “ends voice” property, and so the measures afterward have no rests because you’ve accidentally told dorico not to render that voice anymore. Thats why when you copy other bits where the voices are still active (or are reactivated) the rests reappear.

(If you need to) Turn on voice colors, and then select the final notes prior to the empty measures and uncheck the “ends voice” property. Rests will reappear.

Thanks! Will do.

Well, this is odd. I closed and restarted Dorico, and entered 3 or 4 notes in the empty measures. All of the following empty measures then had whole rests. This time, however, when I deleted the few notes I put in theq empty measures, all of the whole rests remained in place. Curious, since the score didn’t use more than 1 player per staff, and never used other voices or changes of instruments for any player. I do so appreciate your help. Dorico, and this forum is awesome. Thanks again!

Even odder- ALL of the articulations have changed to tenuto accents regardless of what Ioriginally entered; but I’ve done no editing since I finished the score. I can fix it, if course, but it’s like a lump in a carpet; smooth it out here, and the lump shiws uo there😏

I think the issue (not the EVERY note having a legato accent- I found an earlier backup so I wont have to cange articulations for every note in the score- whew!)- could be because I go from 6/8 to 4/4 L’istesso- dotted q = q. I had to input 4 beats in each first empty bar on the stubborn staves at the L’istesso to get the following measures to populate with rests.
That fixed the issue. I problably forgot to set some time signature thing😏

Because the voice was “reactivated” (so to speak) by entering notes in, which means that the last note had not enabled the “ends voice” property.

If you were to click on the last note, and toggle that, all the rests would then disappear. This is why I wanted you to toggle it off, to make them reappear.

This has nothing to do with how many voices there are, but whether or not the property I had mentioned was set.

Glad it’s working now though.

Thanks again. It’s nice to have your option. I’ll know what to do should it happen again🙂