Stubborn voice

I’m not sure why but the Grey Voice Double in the full score won’t switch to up stem voice 1. It remains obstinate and seems to linger on in other pages. Grey also lingers at bar 665. Not sure what the culprit is.

4.2 Full Score Grey Voice Double won’t switch to up stem voice 1 for some reason.dorico (1.8 MB)

Are you talking about the x notehead at measure 665 and 666? Could you just type “f” to flip them?

No apologies for the lack of clarity. Measure 668, Grey Voice Double is in voice 2 (pink) and will not switch to voice 1 (blue). I think it is having an effect on the lingering staves later on. They should not be visible if there is nothing musical happening. Similarly, Grey has empty staves in the score that should be hidden.

For some reason, I’m not seeing this as you describe. Here’s what it looks on mine (all voices are “blue” indicating at the very least all in the same voice):

It also says Up-stem voice 1 for this. (Note is “orange” at the moment because it is selected.)

I believe the colors can be different on different computers as they are randomly chosen by Dorico at the time of creation. Also, if you have added voices this can have an effect, however I’m only seeing one voice for this part (Up-stem voice 1).

Also, if staff visibility is not working as expected (i.e. not hidden when no music), try this: Engrave Mode, select the whole rest of GVD or anything at beginning of system, right-click, Staff / Manual Staff Visibility.…, then click the switch for Grey’s Voice Double (and additional stave you want hidden) and select Hide. (You may need to re-do this to show next time you want it shown.) I’m not sure why this isn’t being handled correctly, but this will get it working for you.
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 4.29.58 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 4.30.10 PM

curiouser and curiouser. It’s definitely a different voice on my dorico file. Its part of a larger work - I wonder if it resolved itself when exporting the flow? Let me check.

Indeed, it did resolve itself when exporting the flow. BUT, at 665 I still have the issue of the lingering Grey stave. Because there is no music, it should be hidden, and yet it lingers. Similarly it happens with GVD as well. I checked the lyrics for any lingering continuation lines but nothing popped up. Any ideas?

If you use the View menu to unhide Signposts, specifically Frame Breaks, a purple signpost “FRM. BRK + STAFF VIS.” will appear at the start of bar 665 in the score. Double-click the signpost and, in the Manual Staff Visibiity dialog which opens, change Grey from Reset to Hide and click OK.

Caveat: As doing this will affect any following music, it would be a good idea to first insert a manual staff visibility change, with Grey marked to Show, at rehearsal mark J.

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