Stuck and need some help

Hi guys, so I’m in a pickle.

Worked on a project all day yesterday, closing it and opening it regularly - all good! Opened it this morning and get ‘a serious error has occurred’ then Cubase 10 closes itself, everytime.

That’s half my problem.
I needed to contact support to find out why I’m getting this serious error. But I hadn’t logged into ‘mysteinberg’ in ages and the email associated with the account no longer exists, which means I can’t even reset the password.
So I completely don’t have access to the mysteinberg account my elisencer is registered to.

First port of call would just be to call support and see if they can change the email on the mysteinberg account …‘phone support can only be provided to registered users who know their passwords’.

So I can’t call, I can’t submit a ticket as the form is within mysteinberg, the live chat is closed.

I have no idea what to do! are there any options available to me?

Hi and welcome,

  1. Could you attach a crash dump file, please?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder.
Mac: macOS Console utility, User Reports folder in it.

  1. I sent you PM.

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