Stuck in fullscreen on Mac

Got a little problem with a project that, whenever I open it, gets stuck in fullscreen. I also can’t bring up the menu bar at the top of the screen with my mouse. It only happens on this one file and the only difference I can think of is that I closed the file whilst having multiple windows/tabs open (one in condensed mode, one in galley view), which now don’t show.
Any ideas on how to get out of this?

update: okay, managed to fix it.
Just opened up a new project whilst the other one was open and could use the ‘window’ tab in the menu bar to select and close each bugged open window separately. Then, when I quit dorico and opened the bugged file again, it wasn’t full screen and I could get it working again.

Welcome to the forum, Joe. I think typically Dorico respects the global Mac shortcut, which (on my machine at least) is Cmd-Ctrl-F. Someone has recently reported not being able to get hold of the menu bar from a full screen Dorico project on Big Sur, but I’ve not been able to replicate the problem here.

Hi, thanks!

I think I tried that shortcut and it wouldn’t respond. Unfortunately I couldn’t create a diagnostic report because I couldn’t get to the menu bar. I am running Big Sur so maybe it is something there. If it helps at all, I also tried to drag a different program full screen to run side-by-side with the bugged dorico window and I could, but the dorico filled the screen, covering up most of the other program.