Stuck in Safe mode after updating to Cubase 12

After I updated to Cubase 12, every time I open the Cubase it will quit unexpectedly and after I click on reopen it will go to safe mode.
I tried to redownload the HALion Sonic SE, but still it doesn’t changes anything.
Please help me to solve my problem.
The attached file is the diagnostic report.
Thank you!

Cubase 12-2023-05-24-132451.ips (33.9 KB)

Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Please add some info in your discourse profile about your computer and operating system. This helps other users give more relevant replies.

In my profile page, the "About me" section looks (looked...) like this...

I restart my Mac and for some reason it works now!
All i did was redownload the HALion part and restart my Mac.
Thank you for replying me tho.

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