Stuck in Steinberg Support loop

I need to change my country of registration on my “MySteinberg” account. (From Middle East to Europe)

On the account country page it says “Contact us [as in Steinberg] to change”

I then go through support options and - but support “Create a ticket” - forwards me to the distributor list page - and I have no way to contact Steinberg direct.

Then I thought - ok I’ll go through phone support for UK - dial +494040110125 - but the number does not work?

So NO way to contact Steinberg to change country as I can’t even create a ticket. I guess the easiest would be to close my account - de-register my products - and create a new account. But that does seem excessive.

Please - do anyone know how to contact Steinberg?

(Cubase from 4 to 10 Pro etc)

Hi and welcome,

I would recommend to contact your local Steinberg distributor. They will take care about it.

+49 is Germany. In the UK, dial 00 49 404 011 0125 on a landline, or as written on a mobile.

I am in the UK - which means Steinberg is my local distributor here. But I can’t contact them.

I know it is a DE +49 number. But the number did not work at all from multiple lines (both mobile as +49xxxx & landline as ‘0049xxxx’) - and no - none of my phones are blocked from international calls. I call customers in UK/DE/DK/AU/IT/ES every day.

I guess I have to rehearse my German a bit and call the German language support number …

German support also provides support for UK, everyone speaks English.

Your account, however, is not registered in the UK, that’s why you can’t directly contact Support via MySteinberg.
Please, check your account and let me know via PM if the country is incorrect.


Thanks for quick support and almost resolve ? I hope :slight_smile: