Stuck Notes Inside of Cubase's Key Editor & Expression Map assignment (long notes)

Hey all, I’ve dealt with a bug that I’d like to solve involving Cubase’s Expression Map and MIDI editing with the mouse inside of the Key Editor. I’ve made a short video demonstrating this:

Basically, when acoustic feedback is turned on and you are sliding a note up or down with the mouse inside of the key editor, it will trigger a never ending note. This only happens when the instrument track is assigned to an expression map AND programmed as a long/sustained articulation. This doesn’t happen when the instrument track doesn’t have an expression map assigned or a short/staccato type articulation. I’ve also confirmed this bug with Cubase 11 and 12.

Does anyone else feel my pain here? Any solutions that you’ve found?


  1. Create a new instrument track
  2. Assign an expression map to the instrument track
  3. Record or Program in some MIDI notes on instrument track.
  4. Inside of Key Editor window, assign a long/sustain type of articulation such as Strings Long or Flute Sustain in the sample library that you’re using. (in my case, any Kontakt instrument with a long articulation will do).
  5. Now, slide the note up or down to a playable pitch that the instrument can do with the mouse by click and dragging it. Or try holding down the “alt” button and click-drag note to copy and paste the note above or below.
  6. I hear a feedback, never-ending stuck note until you press the panic button or MIDI-Reset button.

My Specs:
Cubase 11.0.41 & Cubase 12.0.0
Mac OS 10.14.6 Mojave
Mac Pro Intel Xeon 12 Core 3.46 GHZ
3rd Party Libaries included in video demonstration: 8dio Claire Flute, Spitfire Albion IV UIST Brass Hi, CSS Viola, Spitfire Chamber Strings Celli, 8DIO Insolidus.