Stuck notes/Panic button?

EW Play frequently gets stuck notes, I gather it’s not a problem particular to Dorico but a features of this lovely VST. Anyhow, I’m getting them very frequently, and usually hitting Play in a particular way (click on a note and hit the P key) will clear it, but sometimes that does not clear it. Interestingly I haven’t seen it happen when just playing notes, but only in note entry. It’s happening about every fifth note which is getting really troublesome.

Just wondering if there’s any particular reason why Dorico doesn’t have a Panic stop button in the play system? Or maybe it does and I just haven’t found it. In theory we shouldn’t need it, but there are these pesky bad actor VST’s …

We don’t have a dedicated command to do “all notes off”, but as you’ve found, Dorico does do this when starting and indeed stopping playback, so a quick double hit of Space should be enough to sort it out.

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Yeah a single hit works with Play much of the time, but it also not infrequently gets cranky and even that doesn’t help. Well anyhow giving up I checked and they happen to be running a sale right now so I got the Opus upgrade for $199, hoping that will fix the problem for me at least.