Stuck on saving

Hey all,

I’m with Cubase pro8 8.1.0, windows7 64bit, Rme fireface400, 16GB ram, I7 processor and a Virus Ti2 connected.

I began to witness a problem - Everytime I press save project it’s stuck with the “wait cursor” and never finishes till i close cubase from task manager. after that i find a new version in the folder as a backup and when i try loading it - it says the file is a cubase 1.xx file and cannot be loaded.

any ideas?

Thank you so much :smiley:

Hey BrightLight,

I have a TI2 Polar with Win7 / x64 / i7 / 32GB RAM / Cubase 8 Pro v8.0.20 and I have had MAJOR issues with my projects even staying open with an instance of Virus TI2 as a track!

Have you attempted to update to Cubase 8.0.20? This may at least allow you to save.

(Reopening may be a whole 'nother issue though! For me it is)

Something is just not “gelling” between the TI2 and my UR44 and Cubase 8 Pro.

Many variables and difficult to put my finger on what is the root cause.

Anyways, check out the maintenance update from Cubase and check the Access Virus site for any version upgrades / firmware upgrades etc…

Best Luck,