Student discount for Dorico


I’m interested in purchasing Dorico Pro (for the first time since I heard so many great things about it!) and I’m a student.
If I understood correctly there’s a student discount. What do I need to supply as a proof of eligibility?


michaelgmusic, some (probably useful) information on the topic in the FAQ. Is this helpful?

You can buy either from the Steinberg online edu shop here, or from any of our resellers. Depending on where in the world you’re located you may find buying from a retailer more convenient than buying from our online shop: the verification process is simple enough (it involves you uploading a PDF document showing your enrollment in full-time education) but people can get tripped up when they receive notification that they are eligible and then go back to complete the purchase, and if you have a favourite music shop you might find that buying from them is simpler (and possibly also a bit cheaper).