Studio 5 rewire to Reason

As the post title suggests, I’m trying to link Cubase Studio 5 to Reason Essentials. When I go to my devices menu, there’s no listing for Reason. I’m opening Cubase first. I’ve checked the menu before I’ve opened Reason and after.

Am I doing something wrong or perhaps Reason Essentials isn’t supported? I don’t mind buying more software but I don’t want to do so until I’m sure the money will fix the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi sz,

What specific operating system are you running Cubase Studio 5 on? Also, is that operating system 32-bit or 64-bit?

Win7. I’ve got both versions installed (I believe reason is 64 bit) and it doesn’t show up in either one. Thanks!!

i am having similar problem running Cubase 5(5.3 update-64bit) and Reason 8(64 bit),there is no sign of any Rewire channels in the Devices menu,in my old version of cubase vst there was a window for VST inputs,green buttons that you clicked on to activate,these included souncard input channels and Reasons Rewire channels,in Cubase 5 there is no sign of them,what is going on?
Also,for some reason my drum machine refuses to sync to cubase using midi clock.
I could do all this with cubase vst,then i upgraded and can’t get Cubase 5 to sync with the software and hardware vst coped with easily.

I the issue i am having is that cubase 5.5 32bit will not rewire to reason 8. I have try every instructional step know to man but still no luck.

i think Reason 8 is 64 bit only,not sure if it can be downloaded as 32 bit?So Cubase 32 bit won’t work with Reason 64 bit,can you not upgrade your copy of Cubase 5 to 64 bit like i did to run on windows 7 64bit?
Got an answer from tech support here but what they suggested initialising cubases preferences and follow what this says -
then-Rebuild the ReWire Engine

If refreshing Cubase’s preferences didn’t solve the problem, rebuild the ReWire Engine by following these steps:

  • Close all applications.
  • Make a system-wide search for rewire*.* (the asterisks will make sure that all variations are found). Important: System folders must be included!
  • Delete all ReWire dll files that are found.
  • Start Reason stand-alone. The missing files will be restored.
  • Quit Reason.
  • Next time you start Cubase, Reason should be available as a ReWire device again. If not, repeat these steps, but uninstall Reason first via Start > Control Panel > Program & Features.

When i typed in the run menu- %appdata%/Steinberg i get an error message saying
“Windows cannot find C:\users\HP\AppData\RoamingSteinberg.Make sure you typed the name correctly,and then try again”

Trried numerous times but always get that error message.

I have also contacted propellorheads tech support and jsut got an automated reply saying we will get back to you,meanwhile have a look on the support section,there used to be a forum on the Reason users website at but i can’t find it anymore,can’t find anything on their support site that is relevant to my problem,hopefully i may hear back from them after the weekend.
This is really frustrating.
I was using old cubase vst5.1 rewired to Reason 2.5 for years with little problems,now i have a refurbished pc running windows 7 64 bit Home edition i can’t get Cubase 5.5.3 to be Rewired to Reason 8,not been able to do very much recently,Cubase 5.5.3 won’t even sync to my drum machine using midi clock where cubase vst could with little problem .
Guess i will have to wait until after weekend to see if steinberg reply about the error messge i get after following their suggestion to fix the Rewire app in cubase,ditto propellorheads.

I have tried every bit of advice given by Steinberg support and Propellerheads and still no sign of any Rewire channels.
The last thing i was told was to run Cubase 5.5 in 32 bit mode,i am on WIN 7 Home Premium,how do i run Cubase 5.5 in 32 bit mode?
Isn’t Cubase 5.5 actually 32 bit mode?version 5.5.3 makes it into 64 bit mode,how would i run that in 32 bit mode.
I have only been using WIN 7 -64 bit for the last few weeks so am not familiar with how it works.
Any advice please?
If i can’t get Reewire to show,how much does it cost to upgrade to Cubase 7?
My pc specs are a dual core 2.4 Ghz with 8 Gb RAM,will this be enough to run Cubase 7?
I have been trying all the advice given over the last week or so and nothing has worked,if i wasn’t going bald i would be tearing my hair out by now!
Can someone just explain simply how to run Cubase in 32 bit mode please?
I have sorted out how to run Reason in 32 bit mode but not Cubase 5 (or 5.5 update).
Anyone PLEASE?

got a reply from propellerheads,created a copy of the Install Reason.exe file to the desktop,renamed it in target field(right click >properties).
In the “Target” field, add ” /32″ (without quotes, keep the leading space) at the very end>Click OK.
Double click the shortcut to run the Reason installer in 32-bit mode.

Reason now installed as a 32 bit program.

Before i did this,i installed cubase in 32 bit mode(gives you the option when installing at the beginning to install in either 32 or 64 bit mode).

Now i can sync cubase and reason with Rewire,Rewire channels now show in cubase.

took a while to get there but eventually it all worked out.

I don’t know how this happened, but I have reason 3.0 running in windows 7 rewired to cubase 5 which is totally impossible but it is working. Not complaining but this is amazing to me anyone have any theories?

Are you running Reason 3 in 32bit mode as well as cubase in 32 bit?
Thats the way i could only get rewire to work by installing reason in 32bit as well as cubase 5.