:( Studio Closing. Sending a Major 'MAHALO' and ALOHA to all

Aloha guys.

Well being waaaaay waaaaaay older than dirt, my wife has finally talked me into to it.

With a tear in my eye this will be the last year of running my studio.
Ironically this has been my 2nd best year ever; financially speaking. —go figure.
We will be closing up just after Xmas time.

I want to thank all those in this great Cubase community for all your help
and suggestions etc etc over the years (you know what I mean)

Also want to thank all the mods and the ‘Powers That Be’ for maintaining this place.
I have alway felt at home and welcomed here.
It was also kool to have been made a mod. Tanx to all the other mod guys for that. :slight_smile:

I started doing DAW work in Toronto in 1993 with Cubase 2.8 and Finalé and I have never looked back.

SMPTE time code laid onto one track of a 4 track Tascam anybody? Ha!
Outboard sound modules all over the place. MIDI jitters anyone? Ha!
Hell I even remember burning my 1st CD. Ha!

Well I finally ended up on Maui using Cubase 8.5
with everything ‘in da box’ and have never been happier.

I was able to buy a home here and put my daughter thru school all by using Cubase.
I can’t think of a better testament to the Cubase programme than that! Thanks Charlie.

In the future I will still ‘pop in’ here from time to time to check on
‘whaaaaaaat’s uaaaaaaaaaaaaap’ in Cubeland. :slight_smile: It’s been one hell of a run.

You know what they say about what free advice is worth.
That being said. here goes:

To anyone thinking of starting up in this bitness:

1-Don’t look back; somthin’ might be gaining on you. —Satchel Paige
2-Don’t skate to where the puck is; skate to where the puck will be —Steve Jobs
3-Trust the best piece of gear you will ever own; yer own ears —curt lee

Special tanks to forum members Weasel, Steve in Chicago and vic_france.
You guys helped changed my life.

Sending much ALOHA to all! Keep making music.

You’ve had a good run, now enjoy making some music for yourself. :sunglasses: And don’t sell all your gear.

Enjoy this new epoch in your life Curteye!

Cool, a new beginning! :sunglasses:

All the best to you “curteye”. I know you will keep your ears active as long as you can. Maybe even longer than me and I will be 78 this Nov… Music stays with you forever. Don’t give up entirely. Stay active. ALOHA

Good luck to you sir. Thanks for all of your advice. Wishing you the best. :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses:

Definitely gonna miss you.
You seemed to always have a positive word.

And I always imagined you sitting on a deck with your laptop . . tropical things waving gently in an ocean breeze . . . blue water as far as the eye could see . . .

. . . added an additional vicarious pleasure to your posts for me.

Maybe not too far from the truth.

Make your own Music, for sure.


Sad to see you leaving but I wish you, and yours, all good things in the future!

Cheers mate :slight_smile: .

Please don’t go anywhere Curteye, you’ve always been of great value for this community.
Good luck and enjoy your pension :slight_smile:

all the best. been good crossing virtual paths. have learnt a lot from you


I hope your retirement brings you much joy. You have been a long-time light hearted poster here and I appreciate your time you spent as a guest moderator.

We will celebrate this even though we will all miss you, your presence and your member’s post deletions.

Mahalo Curteye, don’t be a stranger (in the night)!

Congratulations on your retirement from commercial pressures. I hope you will continue with the Art of music and that your Muse will treat you gently as you transition to this new phase of life.

Best Wishes,

Thank you very much for all your shared wisdom!

Good luck and have fun!

You have always been a welcoming and encouraging precense here and I wish you all the best for the future!

Take it easy and enjoy music for yourself :smiley:

Best always


Cheers, I’ll drink one tonight for you! But do not worry while the drive for business is gone I’m sure the drive for music will stay :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Curt! You have always been a voice of peace and kindness in the forum, aside from your general helpfulness. Maybe I will have another chance to go to Hawaii, and this time I’ll try harder go to the right island. :wink:

Mahalo, and aloha to you!

Enjoy your retirement mate!

And don’t be a stranger :wink:

Enjoy your retirement!

“my wife has finally talked me into to it.” They do that, some call it nagging. I managed 34 years full time studio before I gave in (partially)

All the best :slight_smile: