Studio Connections - still around?

So… I was watching this old product demo from around '03-'04 with Bert Smorenberg on the… umm… protocol?.. of Studio Connections. He had an 01v96 mixer, an 01x, and a Motif ES all hooked up to a Windows machine. At one point in video he goes to a menu item in Cubase that I think was called Studio Connections. Well, a window pops up with the mixers in it, then he added the Motif to that bunch and was able to control things from inside Cubase directly or via the various mixers, and the results showed inside Cubase.
I know, I know… these days we’ve got midi implementation of faders on mixers from Yamaha & others, but when I saw him open that window with the pics of all the gear & the various editors, I was reminded of what my Yamaha S08 did years ago. I was somehow able to use the keyboard itself, as a VST. Don’t remember how that happened (sadly the keyboard was stolen in 2009 & I’ve not been able to replicate… whatever it was… with my P85).

So… was that part of Studio Connections, what the S08 was able to do, is Studio Connections still around, & is there any way at all for me to use my P85 itself as a VST like I did with the S08? Yes, the P85 replaced the S08, if you’re wondering. Action still feels great and my back is happier!! :slight_smile:
Although I’m gonna jump at it if I find an S03 for sale!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! God bless!

Still valid.
The Software is called Studio Manager and is the remote control software for the consoles and some other devices.
Still available on the Yamaha site.

I’ve found the download for Studio Manager, but I try to run the latest version for Mac - the closest version the have to M2 is like 10.14 - and it doesn’t work. Looks like it’s time to write Yamaha and ask them to update software.

This will not happen since all relevant consoles are out of production.

You could always setup your keyboard as an external VST instrument. A little fiddly but you can setup the interface just as you would like it. Tis link gives you an idea of what to do.
How to use External MIDI Synths like VST Instruments in Cubase Pro - YouTube