Studio EQ / Standard Curve EQ not found!

Do you guys can tell where have studio EQ and standard curve gone in elements 9? I’m getting this error msg and those are also not listed in inserts —>EQ tab as it used to be (only DJ-eq remains listed). The EQ is still there once the project is activated but is not a part of Inserts anymore, so what’s the deal? How are they supposed to work from now on?

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Studio EQ and Curve EQ are not part of Cubase Elements license. It was the same with Cubase Elements 8.

According to the Plugin reference manual,page 67,studio EQ should be present with Elements.
And the comparison chart,

Oh, you are right… I’m sorry.

Reported to “issues” forum.

Yes, and not only the fact that it should be present in 9 but it was present in 8 already, proof to that are the pics attached in my earlier post (not even clicked open by our friend Martin) showing the missing plugin previously used in a Elements 8 project.

Thanks a lot.

Will be fixed in next update.



Hmmm, doesn’t sound like Steinberg’s release test plans are up to much if they miss the availability of a stock plug in! :open_mouth:

Ok, and next release being ready like by tomorrow? :confused:

Hey, SteinbergPeople! When it will be fixed?
Now is 2017. Yesterday I bought an update from Elements 8 to Elements 9. Today I installed it and don’t have StudioEQ. It’s no good! :frowning:

Surely Steinberg could provide a download for all registered elements users. Why do they have to wait for an update to get functionality they’ve already paid for?

Certainly what I have learnt so far is that being an early adopter of Cubase doesn’t pay off, same thing with Acoustic agent missing in v. 8 and now this, not even sure whether andreas’ answer above should be considered ‘official’ as it lacked any corporative acknowledgement one might expect from Steinberg (i.e Helge announcement on acoustic agent issue). Total disappointment here…

In the meantime buy a copy of computer music magazine, the DDMF EQs will be useful to elements owners, the “pink eq” in this month’s magazine is superb, it’s a 4 band colouration vintage type (not a precision EQ) but sounds absolutely fantastic, as good imho as any of my expensive UAD eqs for adding flavour. The Lindell 6x-500 CM again sounds wonderful - really rich and warm. Satson CM is humdinger too.

Hey, I´m running into this, too. No StudioEQ after upgrade to Elements 9! Can anybody give a hint how to fix it?

Doesn´t Steinberg still give a damn about it?! :angry:

They fixed it in 9.0.2??

Definitely present in my Elements 9.0.40 so the solution is to install the update(s).