studio manager

i use the q1v96 of some version as my physical mixer. it came with some well meant software to manage it ‘studio manager’. dont recall when/how/why, but at that time i thought it was a good idea when i saw it offers to option to be started from within cubase. now some cubase projects from the early days of that integration had somehow activated an active connection to the studio manager. everytime i load these projects, the studio manager tries to sync up with with the mixer. i totally don’t need that, cuz my current procedures only require a single input pair volume to be touched during playback/mixing.
now my question:
how can i remove that link between cubase and any of the projects to the studio manager software? anyone any idea?
it is extremely annoying having to cancel the syncer evertime i load some projects. and i am sure i will never use that link. while i love using the studio manager itself, independently of cubase…
any thoughts?