Studio Monitors

I’m using my mackie hr824 for quite long time and I feel that the wind of change is blowing…
What would you guys recommended as a good pair of home studio speakers-monitors.
Based on your own experience?

Check these here:

Genelec 8040A

I bought a pair some months ago and my mixes improved a lot since then.

Genelec 8030’s here.
Amazing units in every respect.

Dynaudio works for me…!

It is a very subjective area.

But I can give you a few more to have a listen to… and then choose between them depending on your budget, what you like etc.

Focal Twin6Be’s (I love them, and use them in a 5.1 scenario)
K&H (now neumann) O310D’s - I like them better than the focals, but I couldn’t justify it for my purposes. However - they don’t go as loud if you’re into rock-n-roll monitoring levels.
ATC’s SCM25’s - expensive but the few times I’ve mixed on them, I’ve been extremely happy with how quickly I could get to work, and be confident in the choices I was making.

The Genelecs seem to polarise people… a television mixer friend of mine (he mixes drama mainly) won’t mix on anything else. I find them tiring to work on, and don’t think I realistically could, day in day out.

Have fun listening!

Hi there,

its always a point of the subjective hearing.

My advice for you:

  1. Adam Audio SX 3 or SX 4 ( H/V )


  2. Neumann O310


  3. Dynaudio Air 20

    If you don’t have so much money, take a look to these:

  4. Adam Audio P 22 ( If you still can get them)

  5. Dynaudio BM 12

  6. Adam Audio A77X

If you do have the cash, check out the Guru QM10 (or even the larger QM60)

I have the privilege to monitor through pr60, a speaker very similar to the QM60 made by the Guru head R&D Ingvar through his private company Ino Audio. I don’t know how to say it without sounding like the head of marketing but this is a truly remarkable piece of engineering, if you have the chance to demo a Guru then I can recommend it.