Studio Monitors

Hey guys, which Studio Monitors can you recommend? Currently I am using the Samson 65 Resolv A, but they are definetely sucking, especially for electronic music. I also own Alesis Studio Monitor Two, they sound awesome, but unfortunately they are too huge for my new tiny studio. Any recommendations?

Tannoy Reveals

Aloha and +1.

Many of the commercial studios in which I have worked over the years seem to have had three mainstays as monitors.
2-Tannoys Reveals
3-Lil auratone boxes
4-Then came the white woofer’d (Yamahas ns10s)

With my own studio my axes of choice are
3-Any super cheap boom box.
4-My car

my new tiny studio.

My recommendation: Go with the Gen’s

Good luck!

Anything Focal. Expensive, I know, but totally worth it.

Even tho’ there would be some probs and trade offs,
in a previous post

I said that I wish there was an on-line ‘paid’ site where a user could;

1-Choose a pair (or one) of monitors.
2-Upload a song.
3-Hear the song played back (with mics of your choice)
while the monitors are in an anechoic chamber.

Yes I know this is the internet so things might sound a lil weird (bandwidth issues etc)
and you could never be sure of the sound etc
but I contend that a site like that would be useful and profitable to some.

The ‘end’ sound would still be coming from the user’s monitors yes.

But if a user auditioned a significant number of different monitors, one could at least get
a ‘reference’ of what is out there.

Frought with audio probs yes. But certainly a site like that would beat what we have now; which is nada.

And as the internet improves, something like this may one day become an option.