Studio Not connected

Good day, I just upgraded to Nuendo 7.1.30 but every time i try and setup the studio tab it never shows studio connected. Not quite sure what i’m missing. Also i thought that you were suppose to select not connect on output tab / stereo output and select it in the studio tab but when i do that I can’t select it in the studio tab. not clear what i’m missing. any assistance is greatly appreciated because totally confused. thanks

Sorry for the question, but just to be sure; you’ve turned Control Room “on”, right?

Good question and easy to overlook. Also check VST Connections (F4) and check not just the Outputs tab but the Studio tab at the far right.

i’ve pushed the button in the studio tab it shows enable in vst connections but in project window it says studio not connected. if there is another location it has to be activated in then i’m not clear where it is and must have missed it.

Can you post screenshots of “studio not connected” that you’re mentioning?

Hi Billiam,

that usually happens when the Control Room is enabled but you haven’t connected your Monitors to any port.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Thank you. that took care of it. Once i assigned the monitor it shows Studio connected.