Studio One and Reaper don't deserve to win this

Studio One and Reaper don’t deserve to win this

Just sayin’ :smiley:

Well that’s what you get with a forum full of Evildragon reaper fanboy’s …just saying :wink:

It’s like Microsoft and “the others”. It’s always bad MS, mostly for no apparent reason, it just comes in waves. Doesn’t matter if they do something good or if it’s not, it’s just bad. Yet there they are.

Steinberg is like the MS of DAWs. People “naom dna hctib” about them, yet there they are, listed among the top.

Face facts that Steinberg have one of the top Daws in the world , If you look at most makers of Usa based contollers and hardware they tell you that their hardware supports all well known Daws but they always leave Cubase out of the list , whys that ? Pure jealousy for having one of the most powerful tools in the world .
It makes me laugh that these numpties choose to egnore the fact that if it wasn’t for Steinberg then they wouldn’t have their other loop based stuff , or even a VST platform to base there own software /OS on
Never mind we know the truth

If they get the most votes, they do :wink:

Someone asked why it is that USA-based manufacturers often neglect cubase. Well… I think you have to look at this like on everything that tries to touch the us market from europe or asia: Things Need a “us-remake” to get adopted.

Films from Europe Need a Remake with US-Actors.
Sports from Europe Need new rules and Adaption to be “US-Compatible”.
DAWs from Europe (and Asia) Need a Remake (SudioONe)…

Thats how it is.


Elien, I can sympathize with that, a company I used to work for in Canada also used to sell to the States - via a sales office in NJ. We however, had to remove the “Made in Canada” labels from the products! :wink:

I don’t think that this has much relevance to the poll in question though (otherwise Pro Tools should be much higher).
Really, this poll is so totally inconsequential - it should be called which DAW is most favoured by amateurs and hobbyists. If it had been which is ‘your’ automobile of ‘choice’, the high end (expensive) cars wouldn’t get many votes :wink:

I think the results would be very different if it had been conducted on another forum - e.g. UAD

As an amateur and hobbyist, I choose Cubase :mrgreen:

Studio One is marketed by a US company but developed by PreSonus Software’s R&D Facility in Hamburg, Germany, Europe.
And for the record, US companies brought some great DAW’s, like eg. Motu’s (Digital) Performer (since 1985) :wink:

You can start with Studio One for free and Reaper is very cheap that could be the reason.

In a world economy as uncertain as things have been over the past several years, I can easily see Reaper or S1 up with, or a bit higher…especially at KVR.

What do you think the learning curve is when comparing S1 and Reaper vs. Cubase?

Both S1 and Reaper have demo versions, but you have to buy a dongle for the full Cubase version.

Well, I choose Cubase :slight_smile:

I’m just having a bit of fun, and why not win the poll while we’re at it?

Well, I have them all. So I will win anyway :mrgreen:

At the time of writing this, Cubase is number 2 on the list, just having surpassed S1.
(Perhaps this advance is due the nudges from Bill? :slight_smile: )

Reaper on the other hand, for obvious reasons already mentioned above, is in a clear lead.

Totally agree. Nothing against anyone either. I’ve always looked at kvr that way.