Studio One V5

Presonus did mix console snapshots the way Steinberg should have done: include track mute status in the snapshot.


I had to give sphere a go, call me evil for supporting a sub model. :slight_smile:

I’m really split right now between the two, i way prefer Cubase - it has so many more features, and i prefer Variaudio vs Melodyne too… But being able to run S1 without a dongle is really a considerable factor for me. There’s times where i’m with my laptop and just fancy doing some music for an hour, but can’t as the dongle is in the studio.

Agree completely, I wonder will Steinberg go down a similar route ?

I don’t think anyone can be considered evil for surrendering to an inevitability :slight_smile:.

Same here. I really love Cubase but if something like Studio One is just one mouse click away without all that paranoid dongle hassle all the time then in practice Cubase’s dongle stays somewhere in a drawer at home while S1 is always with me on my laptop, ready to go. Paired with Bitwig and Reason for sound design I don’t really miss much in S1 if I’m honest, especially as V5 now comes with a quite usable score editor.

However, in my book Cubase is still slightly ahead when comparing both DAWs, especially when I look at the included instruments and effects. But this has to be expected considering the price difference between both products.

That said, Steinberg should look carefully at this release as the Artist version now supports external plugins. This is actually a big change as this version comes for free with a lot of Presonus hardware products and it also can be bought separately for very little money. The Artist version still misses a few bells and whistles from the Pro version but it is now a full fledged DAW where there is almost no need to upgrade to something else for the typical bedroom producer. This might bring a lot of people into Presonus’ ecosystem and this is also the market area where the subscription service could become very popular. The current monthly rate is actually a really good deal if you don’t already own the products involved.