I am looking for any reference material to set up a simple connection to STUDIO PASS for a client to review a stereo mix.

The VST CONNECT PRO page touts “send stereo output signal” to studio pass app.
After 4 hours I have am left stumped how to send a simple stereo out to VST CONNECT PRO.

I have made the TB track, made the group channel, assigned different tracks and set things up for an involved tracking session. I get that.

I am wondering . . . at the end of a long day of tracking, when the mix is finally ready for bouncing, how can I route the stereo out to STUDIO PASS for the client to review? Seems like going back and setting up sends on 25 tracks would just be defeating.

Thanks for any help . . . I am pumped and ready to use STUDIO PASS

MAC 10.8.5
CUBASE 7.5 (updated)

Yes, the basic idea is to use sends for each channel to be mixed for the Performer to listen. That is how it is done in the studio (or on stage, aux sends).
For the review (Studio Pass) case however, you may just as well insert the cuemix plugin into the master channel instead of the “To Performer” channel. This will cause a warning dialog, but as you don’t attempt to record in sync, you can ignore that message for this application.
Hope that helps?