Studio Pass for reference listening

Hi all,

I use VST Connect Pro for voiceover recordings, not often, but it might get more in the future. ISDN is getting very old.

Another use for this nice plugin and technology is to use laptops and tablets as reference monitors. I do this with VST connect performer on ipad and macbook, on the phone it doesn’t work because Studio Pass only addresses the ear speaker used for phone calls, not the external speaker.
I can imagine the reason is immediate feedback between the mic and the speaker, but maybe there could be realized a special mode for this, so that the mic get switched of automatically when the speaker gets used.

Just a thought…

Cheers Andreas

… yeah, good one. Your request is listed.

Have a nice day,

BTW, in Studio Pass on my iPhone 6 the front camera only shows a greenish distorted picture (see attachment), the back camera works as expected.
Is that normal?

Landscape left appears to be a problem since ios 9. Will be fixed.