Studio Pass

Has anybody been able to make this work? Keep getting the ‘Connection Error’ message…

studio pass currently has quite a few problems - certainly any modern IOS version. not worth the effort (unfortunately !)

we are working on a new Studio Pass version, stay tuned. Performer for iOS update should hit soon.

thanks Musi

this dark cloud has a silver lining for some of us :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your replies.

That’s good news Musi. Its pretty frustrating that it’s featured on the Steinberg VST Connect Pro page but doesn’t work!
I very much look forward to the new app. Any idea when it will be available?

I saw information in another post that studio pass would be fixed in April. As we are now in May I wonder what the new timeline will be. I know I could sure utilize a functioning studio pass while this stay at home order is still in place.

It looks like Performer iOS will finally be available next week, then Studio Pass should be next. Sorry for the delay, it’s Apple plus Corona…

thanks Musi :slight_smile:

Thanks Musi! :smiley:

Hello all,
any news on this? Lookin’ forward to get a working version of Studio Pass

We’re having final tests with Apple right now

Hi all!

It does work for me if you install VST Connect Pro v4.0.20.50.

I tested it just yesterday.

iMac running Cubase 10.0.60, VST Connect pro version above, iPhone SE (old model) iOS 13.5.1.

Issues: Video works from Cubase to iPhone, but nor from iPhone to Mac (well, it does work, but the image is scrambled on the iphone, must be an issue between Studio Pass (old software) and th newest iOS camera api.

Of course you shoudn’t login to VST Commect pro with user name, you should click the ID instead to get the session number to enter on the iPhone.

And to test it, your phone should be in 4G, so it’s not in the same network as your computer (that’s what I did), as the it doesn’t work.

Audio works fine once you do a simple tweak: by default, the buffer for the performer in ios is set to 1024 samples. Just click the value in the performer settings tab in Cubase and try to enter whatever. Then it ‘readjusts’ to 64 samples.

From there on, all good! (Besides the video stream coming from the iphone, which is scrambled)

Hope this helps!

can I suggest you upgrade your studio pass app ?