Studio pics!

I know Gearslutz is full of these topics, but I thought it’d be fun to see the studios of the forum regulars.
I completed my new desk build just a few days ago, so I’ll happily start :slight_smile:
Would be cool to see some pics from Steinberg as well!!

These are pics from my phone so the quality isn’t ideal, but you get the idea. Gearlist is in my sig.

Currently shopping around for a big 2nd hand monitor to put next to the laptop for more screen area.

Desktop gathers dust

stealth studio, Glasgow. been using Cubase here since 2001… p.s. photo a couple of years old. few bits of hardware have changed. my pod died!

Nice one, Eddie

Are you still using your wheel tape recorder ? Just curious to see which can be it’s usage nowadays.

So, a picture of mine, located in the ‘Hautes-Alpes’, south of France : could I really name it a studio ? Still haven’t found a decent place for my monitors, yet, after being here since nearly two years…

do I spy an arp odyssey next to ms20? nice… I don’t use my reel to reel at all. mainly there for flashing lights!

It is one indeed… And OK for the flashing lights ! :wink:

Good idea Strophoid. Thanks for starting this. Very insightful to study everyone’s setups.

My Studio

Here is mine… :smiley:

Nice one, Steve !

But is the first one usable in a MADI compliant setup ? Just curious… :confused:

Steve has us all beat. Wait til I get my 3km string ball. I will be able to collaborate with people in the west end of Glasgow. latency might be an issue though. also, if they eat the beans first we might need a pre-session farting period. or put a plugin! :wink:

Hi, interesting to see other muso’s studio environments…so here is mine…Kevin

I lost one of my 24" monitors, so here is the current redo of the desk. A picture of my ultra messy synth setup. I’m in the process of building 5 or 6 modules for the modular, so stuff is in disarray. And, my current patchbay/mixer setup.

Split had some tasty Egnater action going. So thought I’d toss the guitar stuff here too. I built the head at Bruce’s amp seminar. It’s pretty kick butt.

OK, I guess I then have to post a few pictures of my “minimalistic” studio too :laughing:

A mess

modular is condusive to messes

Never ,a modular is a beautiful creation and could never be considered to be part of a mess and I find wires very attractive and every studio should have some :wink:

yeah, you’ve got much more wires than me…makes me wanna give up :mrgreen: