Studio Setup, Clock Source

Hi. I have accidentally changed a setting in studio setup and I cannot fix
it. I have selected ‘Internal’ for Clock Source. I now have lost all ports. As a result, it now refuses to let me reselect any option but ‘internal’. Im running a mac book with an audient id44 interface on cubase 11. I cannot use cubase again until this is resolved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your clock source should be internal unless you have an external time code clock source, which it sounds like you don’t have.

Ok. If that is the case, then I don’t know how I lost all of my ports. Cubase is not recognizing any ports and not letting me get them back.

Can you post a screenshot of your Studio Setup dialog?

  1. Reselect the ID in the audio device
  2. Go to your Studio Connections and make sure you r INPUT and OUTPUT busses have the ID selected int he device column then make sure the PORT for each buss has the correct physical inputs you are using selected.

Sorry for the late response. I must have clicked on reset ports, instead of internal clock. I wasn’t sure, but I am only using an id44 directly into a macbook. I had some help from a friend and we ended up deleting the id firmware and reinstalling it and it has taken care of the problem. Before that, I did try to set the ports to the id44 as you have mentioned, but they were labeled as ‘missing’ until we reinstalled the id44 firmware. Thank you all for your help.

Just so you remember, when you make an Input or Output buss in the Cubase connections, you HAVE TO select your audio device int hat window BEFORE it will show you any inputs or outputs from that device you can select.

Ok. That is good to know. Thank you for your help!

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