Studio Setup & DAW

Hi all,

I’m using Cubase Pro 10 linked to an Allen & Heath QU-16. I can set up the set up the desk so the faders are automated, but each time I open Cubase I have to go into Studio > Studio Setup > Remote Devices and match:

Mackie Control 1 > DAW Control MIDI 4
Mackie Control 2 > DAW Control MIDI 3
Mackie Control 3 > DAW Control MIDI 2
Mackie Control 4 > DAW Control MIDI 1

Anyone know how to make these setting stick so I don’t have to redo them each time I start the program?


Hi and welcome,

are you on Mac or Windows? As far as I know, Allen & Heath is using kind of virtual MIDI driver. Unfortunately there is an issue on Mac (system). In case of virtual driver, the system always assign a new ID to the virtual driver. So from Cubase point of view this is always a new device.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the welcome and the explanation.

I’m on a Mac.

This would also explain why Cubase sees my USB MIDI as new devices all the time!

So to confirm this is a Mac bug and not something Steinberg can overcome with a product update?



What USB MIDI device do you use? I wouldn’t expect so many devices using a virtual MIDI port. I know it’s a problem for Lemur, OSCTouch and these kind of devices. I have inexperience it’s a problem with A&H mixers, same as SSL Nucleus. But I’m not aware of any other devices. At the other hand, it might be, there are more of them.

Actually I’m wondering, if Steinberg can do something against, or not. Because if you use the MIDI Port in the MIDI Track, Cubase does remember it and you can route the signal from the virtual MIDI In to the track or virtual MIDI Out from the track (I have tested this with Max/MSP, where I do have the very same issue, if I use it as Generic Remote Device or Mackie Control, but not a problem, when I was using it as a common MIDI Port for MIDI Tracks). So myself I’m not 100% sure.

In any case, this issue is there for years already.

Hi Martin,

I’m using the using USB MIDI from my Kronos 2 into a hub, and I have separate very basic USB - MIDI connection out to my K4.

If there is an area I can formally raise a bug with Steinberg let me know what that is, then I’ll raise it or up-vote your request if you raise it also.



Oh, unfortunately Korg is another company with quite hacks on the side of MIDI ports. I wouldn’t be really wondering, if Korg Kronos would be other candidate with the virtual MIDI Port. Unfortunately I don’t know where could you check the assigned ID to check, if the same one is assigned after restart or a new one. I’m sorry.

Yes, I think the Korg has the same issue. I might see if there is a dedicated USB MIDI interface I can buy which is more reliable.


That’s a good idea, good workaround. The question is, if you don’t loose some functionality. For example as far as I know, there some VST plug-ins to make the all Korg settings in the plug-in (so you didn’t have to make the sound design on the instrument itself). This was working when you connected the instrument via USB only.

It also might be that some DAW control functions are working via USB only.

Just to get this in mind.