Studio Setup Folder ?

Where Cubase 10 save its setings from Studio Setup? Today I opened cubase and I lost all my setings. I lost also my setings from preferences but it was easy to recover them, because I had saved it in the preferences presets . It is possible back to setings from Studio Setup ? (Midi port setup, generic remote, vst aoudio sys etc)

Here is where Cubase stores the preferences. If you have a backup copy of the one you need then, yes you can restore it. If no backup… then no restore.

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Ok Thanks. Is it possible to save all settings in one file and recover them when cubase crashed ? I had Two times situation when Cubase went to its factory settings after restart windows and open Cubase. I had to set all setings manually.

You need to save a backup copy of the preference folder which contains the many different preference files. Then you can restore all or any of the ones you need.

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I knw that, but it not save all settings from cubase, like Audio inputs outputs, generic remote etc.

It will save these settings if you save them as a user preset in the audio connections menu tabs.

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Ok Thanks, I undrestood. I don’t see Midi Controller Lines presets (From midi track) . Somene know where Cubase save it ?

Some “preferences” are stored in the project. So a template project with your preferred settings is necessary in addition to the preferences folder imho.

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Yes , but I don’t think so that Controller Lines presets are saved in a template project.