Studioless For Some Time...

Hi everyone,

We sold our house so I had to dismantle my studio…
This saturday we move to a temporary place, where there’s no possibility to do any recording, unfortunately.

In november we’ll move to our new house. I will build a new studio there, but first I have to do some other jobs, like building an upstairs bathroom (there’s one downstairs, next to our bedroom, but we’d like the boys to have their own bathroom).
It will take some time, but it’s kinda cool to start from scratch and use what I learned from building and using my first studio! :smiley:
I hope to be back in action (and ready for collabs) somewhere in the first half of 2016.


Good luck with the build Wim… is it a bigger house too?

Thanks Robin.
Yeah, the house is bigger, but the studio will be about the same size as my previous one, approx. 9 by 14 feet.
Not big, but it’ll do.

Keeeewwwwl! :sunglasses:

I am downsizing slowly. Next room will be about the same, its an out building on our farm property. Just have to get moved up there and settled. Looking for work in the north for some time now. If you’re just tracking yourself, then that’s plenty of space. Not much room for a drum kit :laughing: . I would imagine soundproofing is more of an issue when you are a sax man… :wink:

Lots of luck with the boy’s bathroom and of course the new house. Get the essentials out of the way and then hone in on your studio. I’m sure you will do a good job an all accounts.

Thanks Jack, I’ll do my best! :smiley:

That’s cool, Wim! Can you build the room with non-parallel walls? Might look a bit odd but, you know, standing waves an’ all… :wink: .

Congratulations on the new house!

Ditto! (Same as surfer)

If you’re ever in my neighborhood, you’re always welcome!

Wim, good luck with everything. I took a long break from writing and recording myself… just getting back into it, and I can tell you that the break worked for me in that there is a fresh feel to the approach now. Not sure if that will mean an output that others will appreciate, but I am having fun! :smiley:

Thanks Ted! How’s things?

Thanks Tom.
You never know, I might take you up on that! :smiley:

Thanks Mark!

When can we hear some of your new work? I’ve always loved your songs and enjoyed the collabs! :sunglasses:

A change is as good as a rest…so they say…hope it all goes your way…

best, Kevin

Thanks Kevin! :smiley: