StudioPass for VST Connect Pro..... are there some instructions anywhere?

I cannot find instructions for StudioPass , are there any? I’ll be using either 4.044 or the new 5 version of VST Connect Pro/Performer for the sessions. I don’t know things like how to generate the code that the client on StudioPass (iPhone or iPad) will use to join the session. Or what other setups are necessary.

hi Paulwr

I haven’t used studio pass for a while - and if you are new to VST connect it’s vital that you test it before you go live…or be prepared to learn it very quickly :smiley:

Two quick hints:

  • make sure you are using the Control Room (I’m sure you are!)
  • Think of the system like an old skool analog desk (youngsters are at a disadvantage here !) - so it’s all about the cue send sent to the ‘performer’

oh, and stick to v4.0.44 as I’m fairly sure that works…no advantage to v5 for StudioPass

There aren’t any real instructions for Sudio Pass - like most IOS apps - It’s essentially a cut down version of the VST connect performer application.

Firstly you need to look at the help documents on the Steinberg website for VST connect - create a VST connect session using the Nuendo menu items. Then post back here when it doesn’t make sense :slight_smile:

It’s actually quite straightforward but give it a go first and then ask questions…the login is very simple…the rest ‘can’ be confusing first time.

I’ve promised to create some kind of quick start guide and it’s on the top of my ‘to do’ list - so don’t hesitate to report back with any questions or feedback.

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I’ve been doing VST Connect session for many months, mostly as performer and to help troubleshoot when it acts up. For getting a client in on the sessions we’ve been using a combination of Source Connect (with custom programming by the company) and Zoom for the video with the client. So we have 3-way communication that way, it works but acts up sometimes for various reasons including pilot error, wifi hiccups, o/s compatibilities and more. Was hoping that StudioPass might simplify the process a little for getting the clients involved as they want to be. So I guess mainly I need to know how to generate the code for the StudioPass user in use to get connected to a VST Connect session. I’ll check the tutorial for VST Connect to see if they have anything shown about StudioPass.


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ahh ok - that makes things simpler

2 ways to login on vst connect (and studio pass)

  • A Mysteinberg account (too clumsy for clients IMO)
  • ID login

You generate the login code from the VST connect window:

voila :slight_smile:

try it before going live obviously !

Too simple, we’ll give it a try today if we can get one more person involved that is already accustomed to being ‘performer’ and I’ll play ‘client’ while a friend who runs most sessions is on the producer side.

let us know how you get on…also I think it’s only 1 client of any flavour per vst connect session

So - VST connect plus 1 VST performer OR 1 studio pass. - NOT BOTH

unless there is something I totally misunderstood about studio pass (which is entirely possible)

Well, that sucks. It will not work with a client watching an ongoing remote session. Which is what I thought was the entire reason for Studio Pass. I don’t understand the need for Studio Pass unless it allows a client to be present in the live session.

hi Paulwr - worth a quick double check before abandoning …?

I think you’re right - it allows a client to be present at a session - which could be a ‘mix’ doesn’t have to be a recording session.

FWIW - Zoom now has a ‘high quality’ music mode for audio so you could route the audio to a separate zoom computer to allow clients to participate. Haven’t used zoom to attempt this since earlier this year when the ‘high quality’ mode wasn’t implemented - and audio quality was pretty poor (=unusuable)

We are working on multi-client support. So far only two participiants are possible, one of which is always Cubase or Nuendo with VST Connect, the other either Performer app (desktop or iPad), or Studio Pass (for reviewing, iPad only).

Getting a client in on a live session opens more doors to getting remote business going, especially these days. Good news it is being worked on.

One important thing… for some reason Studio Pass is causing my iPad (2017) to keep the speakers on during bluetooth headhphone use. This doesn’t work, it causes feedback. It is not an issue with a browser or iPad music playback, the speakers get overridden when the bluetooth headphones are used in those cases. Hoping that gets fixed to, or it is mostly unusable unless there is a plug for corded headphone use, but recent apple products don’t have that.

Zoom is only good for video in these scenarios. My friend spent a bundle a while back getting Source Connect to program some tweaks to their program to allow getting their plugin inserted in various places in the session to relay high-ish resolution audio to clients. So we have VST Connect Pro going for him and myself, then he has the client and us on Zoom and Source Connect on top of that. The result is the client can see and hear everything and chime in with 2-way communication to both the producer and the performer. When it works, its great. But with various things such as wifi shortcomings for performer or client, older os versions (though still supposedly within VST Connect spec) and pilot errors, it can be severely frustrating and time consuming.

totally understand - just thinking of options…as I said when I tried zoom it was a non-starter but that was before the high-quality audio mode

Maybe we’ve fallen behind, how do you like the audio now?

haven’t tried it since the early days so not sure how much it’s improved - I’ll get around to testing at some point …

for some reason Studio Pass is causing my iPad (2017) to keep the speakers on during bluetooth headhphone use.

you set output device once in the settings (cogwheel)

I have been meaning to try out VST Connect. I have used Audio Movers Listento with great success Audiomovers

It is just high fidelity audio but very easy to share with clients etc then use some type of chat or video conferencing for communications. Different but if you have not checked it out can add to the remote client mixing etc.

Hey paulwr, you could use zoom for the producer videowise, and use AudioMovers “Listento” plugin for the audio. I haven’t tried it yet, but with Listento, you get lossless 24 bit 48000 to your client. I would say put in in the inserts of your control room. I might just try this myself! I’m using VST Connect Pro for sessions lately, but would be nice for a third party to be able to make comments etc, all in real time. Thinking about it, can you use Zoom AND VST Connect at the same time?? I believe the camera has to be selected by either one or the other, no? (mind you, I’m on Windows, so…)

Thanks for the tip. Source Connect works great for my friend, but if I produce from my studio I’m PC and would need another audio solution for the client. This may work if I can incorporation into the VST Connect workflow to send the client a high rez stream to listen in on a remote recording session.

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Zoom works fine concurrently with VST Connect. When my friend is running sessions, he also uses Source Connect to send live high resolution signal to the client listening in on the session. Technical issues arise usually from mismatched software, session players on older operating systems (though in spec for VST Connect), low performance internet at session players end, etc…

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just so that you know, VST Connect PRO can transfer 24bit lossless, and conferencing is in the making.