Stupid Cubase

Is there a version of cubase which doesn’t completely fuck up all the sound on the pc or anyone can suggest another program similar?

I guess you refer to the fact the default used VST Audio System takes priority of the sound in the system.
This is done to allow for low latency tracking and playback.
You can switch the VST Audio System in Devices -> Device Setup -> VST Audio System.
If you are on Windows, select the ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver to go through the Windows mixer and not be exclusive.

That said, if you have an external audio interface, it would be reasonable to set it to your device’s driver, for the best sound quality and lowest latency. That would obviously make Cubase take over that device exclusively while you’re working.


Regarding that, i wouldn’t call Cubase “Stupid” … :wink:

As the others. PRTM. (First word = Please…ok just for you… + Read The Manual) Will slow you down for a few days but will speed you up for a few years.