Stupid question about printing out a track list. No track names are showing up

Maybe there is something turned off but I remember in WL9.5 when I did a print out of a montage track list all the track names were on the printout. In WL 11 all I get is blanks. All the other info is there but no track names. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions. I am on a Windows computer running Windows 10 pro all updates.

What do you call a “print out of a montage”? This is not part of the WaveLab nomenclature.

The Audio CD Report has a ton of options and I haven’t detected any changes, regressions, or bugs from previous versions. It’s been a solid part of WaveLab as long as I recall.

As PG said, the info here is kind of vague and screen shots and details always help solve the case faster.

Print out of a track sheet that I can give to a client.

Are the track names entered as CD Text?

As fa as I can see, nothing has changed for this in WL 11.


Where and how do you make an print out of a Montage?
Step by step…

regards S-EH

In the “olde days” I thought that WL automatically imported the track names into the print out but now it seems that I have to manually put in the track names. In Hofa CD-Burn.DDP.Master | HOFA-Plugins it is automatic and there are a lot of “other” things that the HOFA app does that we have been asking for in WL for a very long time. I am not going to switch but a lot of things make sense. FWIW

For as long as I can remember, CD Text had to be entered to print a report that showed information. What was, and is, ‘auto’ … at least a single click … is importing track/marker names (CD Text Editor). Unless I missed something along the way.

It was, and still is, possible is to export a Clip List as text without ‘doing’ anything (clips>functions>export clip list as text)