Stupid question, maybe Returning to Cubase after absence

Haven’t used Cubase in while, downloaded the trial 6 version and I can’t figure out this basic simple issue.

Recording midi. I recorded a part, notes are there, all is good. Now, I want to re-record a section of the part. Clicking on the transport options, replace.

Hit record, play the part it and it does not replace. It adds to the original part. The original notes are there, but so are the new notes right on top of the old notes.

What I want to do is get rid of the old notes, when the record punch-in gets to the left arrow, and the new notes go in the same part. No new part needed, just want to replace the notes in the part, gone are the old and appear the new.

What happened? All I can get it to do is add notes on top of the existing. Can someone help ??



Do you have the editor open?

If so there is a preference to replace all or controller data when recording in the editor.

Or are you recording in cycle?

If so you need to set the cycle record mode to overwrite rather than mix.

Thanks for your kindness in a reply.

I have tried it both ways. I do not want to cycle, all i want to do is punch in, have the old notes after the punch be replaced with new notes that I am playing. Pretty basic.


Try midi record mode set to replace


You might have set Replace in Audio Record Mode instead of MIDI Record Mode…