Stupid Question on overlaps


In Cubase can I have two clips that are overlapped to play at the same time? Sometimes I find it easier to pile up several samples or clips fully or partially overlapping on a single audio track and hear then all play? I may later bounce all the selected overlapping samples making a single sample. At least his is how I now do it on Studio One. Studio One has the “play overlapping events” in the preferences but prefer working in Cubase.


Do you mean in the audio or MIDI/Instrument track?

In the MIDI/Instrument track, it’s possible. In the audio track it isn’t, I’m afraid.

Re: audio - if you can get them on separate tracks for the time being you’ll hear the overlaps. Maybe the new 6.5 comping tool can help here?

Use crossfades as a work around and make edits in the crossfade dialog to keep the levels up as if there was no crossfade.

Thanks for the suggestions.

To clarify: Yes I want to hear the overlapping audio events in the audio tracks not midi tracks.

I tried a few tricks with cross-fading but was not successful. Sometimes the second audio event is totally within the first. There many more than two audio events.

I tired the 6.5 comping tool but that did not help.

Yes making new tracks works but the workflow does not help me.

Perhaps some code in the Project Logical Editor do it?

Perhaps this can be done in a VSTi sample editor? Drag the audio events to the Sampler make edits and drag back into the track?

Re: the 6.5 comping tool - would it work to use that command to make each “lane” an individual “track”? Then surely you could hear all the overlaps you want?

(I don’t know yet how to reverse that process, i.e., take Cubase tracks and combine them so they become “lanes” in one comp, even if they were not recorded together. Someone else will be able to come along and fill that part in …).


If you are using lanes, you can listen any lane separately by using Solo lane. But you can’t here overlaps.

Comping tool doesn’t work this way. You can select only one lane at the moment.

But you can Split all lanes together, choose the lane, and than move the cut of the lanes together by ome click (in the track, no in the lane).


I am disappointed. I still love Cubase. They have done so much right! But looks like for this mode of music making I will use Studio One.

In Studio One you can allow “play overlapping events” in the preferences. Does anyone know of another DAW’s or Samplers that play overlapping clips or audio events on a single track?

Have you tried using the Part Editor? You will need to create multiple Audio tracks first, then add events to the Audio tracks, then select all the events and double click. That will take you to the Part Editor where you will be able to edit the events in a similar way to lanes with overlapping events audible.


Thanks for point out the Audio Part Editor. Learned something. I however could not get the overlapping parts so play. Only one part played while the other was muted. Did I do something wrong?

I liked the “audition loop” I found in the Audio Part Editor. Too bad this feature is not found in the track view.

Did you make the Audio Parts before double clicking on them?

Oh, I test very very accurate - but I miss so many things in Studio One. I don´t understand the hype about this DAW.
And in most cases ´play overlapping events´ is absolute confusing when you edit audio.
My opinion. (But I understand your request!)

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    yes, the Audio Part Editor in Cubase is great! and there is still more to discover… (trust me) :wink:



I could not get the Audio Parts to open by double click. What opened was the Sample Editor. I selected the notes then I clicked on Events To Parts then I double clicked and then the Audio Parts Editor came up with the events included.

I overlapped audio events on a single track in the Audio Parts Editor and one played while the other was muted. I tried variations but on a single track could not get both overlapping audio events to play simultaneously.

I am still a novice in Cubase so I must be doing something wrong. Please confirm that you are able to take two audio events on a single track then overlap them and play the top and the bottom audio event simultaneously?

I appreciate your input.


I do like Studio One because it has ARA/Melodyne and I can select in Preferences to “play overlapping events”. In just about all over respects I prefer Cubase. This is the reason I am here asking how I can play overlapping events in Cubase.

The only thing you’re doing wrong is putting the overlapping events on the same track. It is not possible to play two or more events on the same track. Try the following once more:

Create two or more Audio tracks
Put some events on them
Make them into Audio Parts
Select all the Audio Parts (even on different tracks)
Double click
You should have multiple tracks showing their events inside the Part Editor
Leave them on their own track and edit in a similar way you would with lanes


From my original post:
“Sometimes I find it easier to pile up several samples or clips fully or partially overlapping on a single audio track and hear them all play?”

Apparently it cannot be done but if anyone has any suggestions on how this is done please let me know.

Thanks for trying to help.

I know Vas. And I do like S1/ARA also!
No problem, I dont´want to hijack this thread.


I reviewed your previous posts to see if I missed anything.

I tried the fade in/fade out again but was unable to make it work. If I bring in a small clip in the middle of a larger clip can you please try this so that both play. Perhaps I missed something in your suggestion.

Maybe there is an un-documented key shortcut that will allow to play two overlapping clips on the same track.

PS My oversize letters in the previous post was for emphasis. I was not being sarcastic.

I tried it and it doesn’t work well when completely overlapping events. Only when partially overlapping, like how a normal crossfade works.

OK. I have given up on the idea that in Cubase I can have two clips that are overlapped on a single track to play at the same time. As a compromise I now use two overlapping audio events on separate tracks and they play just fine. To make editing the events more efficient in preferences I chose to enlarge and solo selected events. I however cannot easily get two or three events to bounce and become a single event. I continue this thought on a new thread:

Thanks all for the replies. :smiley: