stupid VST question

I am building a new computer, I have 20 or 30 VST instruments that are still on an external drive they are all installed and work . I want to update to the 64-bit versions of the same software Do I only have to update the software or do I have to update all of the sound set/samples,… For example I have Toontracks Superior Drummer installed with ALL of the libraries they offer. Do I just uninstall the 32 version of the software and then install the 64 bit version and point the software to the libraries …?? Seems to make sense to me. Please help fellas

In case of Superior Drummer it works that way - generally it migh depend on the VST in question though…

Most VSTi’s that come in both 32 & 64 bit versions install both. because you might be using several hosts whose software is one or the other. Then in Cubase just make sure that you set up your VST paths to only point to the 64 bit version of the dll files and not the 32.

Any suggestion or forum that may be able to tell me the answer to this question

The support of the manufacturers of the VSTis in question…

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