Stutter Effects And Drops

Is anyone here familiar with how to create a stutter effect in cubase 6? or a dj type drop? ive looked and can only find this effect for fl studio and pro tools. a similar effect can be found on i think the first track at about :40s in…

Loopmash in Cubase 6 can do this. I’ve played around with the presets and it’s definitely addicting. However using your own recorded loops can be a little hit and miss. I haven’t delved too far into using it like that. I Hope to learn more. But it does do stutters and turntable style stops and slow downs.

Good luck

izotope stutter might do it. they usually have demos to try. ed

Bringing audio to loopmash just to do stutter is a bit counterproductive. Would be cool to have Loopmash stutter processing as a plugin, so it could be used on track as effect - like Izotope Stutter.

Maybe ‘The finger’ from Native Instruments.

For sutter FX Stormgate is cool and free

dBlue Glitch does this plus several other neat effects like retrigger, tape stop, reverser, delay, etc.
I had to use jBridge to get the GUI to work in 64 bit Cubase 5.5.3 though.

thx for all the replies … i did download the stormgate vst and im about to try it now since its free but i think im gonna go with izotope stutter edit when i get the cash… it looks and sounds exactly like what i need

+1 on stutter edit! BT is the man also, very inspirational on twitter