Stuttering Cursor when drawing.

Hi there,

When i do some draw actions in a controller lane in the Key Editor (while in play) , the play cursor is visually stuttering.
BTW: I have no stuttering audio when doing this.
Anyone experiences this also ?

I only have Cubase running when this happens, no other programs or background processes open.

I am on mac 10.8.2
Intel core I7 , 3.5 ghz
32 gig ram
GForce 210 videocard.
Cubase 7.01

Just tested this issue on macbook pro with Cubase 7.01.
Same issue appears. :imp: :imp: :imp:

  • Create a midi event in project window, on a
  • Go into Key Editor.
  • draw in some notes.
  • Draw in same velocity in the controller lane, with draw tool.
    The moment i let go of the left mouse button after drawing, the play cursor freezes abit (stutters).
    Also cursor freezes happen sometimes when i push on left mouse button to begin drawing in a controller lane, with draw tool.
    Also cursor freezes happen when hovering around with the draw tool in the controller lanes area.

No mac user that confirm this please ??