Stuttering Playback/Missing Notes

Hi. On playback, whether it is my music or a sample, Dorico misses more than 2/3 of the notes. For example, “The Swan” has several fast flute runs and Dorico only plays one note out of a group of seven or eight, as though it can’t keep up. It seems like a buffering issue, but I don’t know.

I have a brand-new MS Surface Studio with the max CPU, memory, and SSD available, and CPU usage is showing less than 5% use with Dorico running, so I think the specs are OK (see below).

Ideas? Thanks. --Konrad

Dorico 4.3.20
Windows 11
MS Surface Studio 32GB, 2TB SSD
11th Gen Intel Core i7-11370@3.30GHz
ASIO: Generic Low Larency ASIO Driver
Sample Rate: 48000 (no other drop-down)
Default playback template: HSDE+HSO (Pro)
Preferred HALion plug-in: HALion Sonic
NOTE: I will probably use something other than HALion later, but first I’d like to get the basics working.

Try with a different ASIO driver, namely FlexASIO. It’s for free and can be downloaded from here. After you restarted Dorico, you will find FlexASIO in the list of drivers under Edit > Device Setup.

Thanks very much. As long as I can go back to the default (just in case), that sounds great. On my rack-mount studio machine, I am definitely not using Windows defaults. :slight_smile: (This is for my laptop which is going to be m,y composition machine.)

Problem was solved with FlexASIO. Thank you, Ulf!


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Then, to be fair, shouldn’t Ulf get the solutions check mark?

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Sure. I didn’t know the protocol. I changed it.

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