Stuttering When Selecting Midi Regions During Playback

Hi Guys,

This may be a weird one, but I’ve been experiencing playback stuttering when selecting certain midi regions during playback. This started happening in Pro 8 and was not happening in 7.5. Anyone else who has had problems with this issue?

An update to the issue.

The stuttering is actually affecting the whole program and not just playback. It seems to be when I have a midi track selected from a certain external VST (VEPRO or Midi Over Lan) and then proceed to select a midi track to a different external VST.

Say I have one computer that holds only orchestra samples and another that holds all electronic samples. If I start with an orchestral instrument, as long as I keep selecting instruments from the same sampling computer, there will be no stuttering in processing during playback or general use. However, the moment I select a midi track routed to the electronic sampler, it will hang for a few seconds and then resume as normal. I suppose it has something to do with how Cubase 8 Pro now processes the information because it never happened before in 7 or 7.5. Whether the external samplers are VEPro based or Midi Over Lan based doesn’t make any difference. As long as they are routed to different computers, it will cause a stutter in Cubase.

Figured out it was all related to the ASIO Guard feature. Turning it off resolved the problem. Hope this information can help other people.