Stutters in Audio Just by scrolling window to find tracks

Has anyone else experienced stutters, pops or clicks in the audio during playback just by scrolling the window up or down in the main track window? I am using the UR824 and have updated to the latest drivers. Wondering if it is caused by the updated driver and if I should not roll back to previous one? It would even click, pop and stutter by resizing the track lane during playback. I restarted Cubase and it was not AS bad but still was present.

I am on Win 7, Intel i-7 quad core, 16gb of ram on ASUS laptop.

Only tracking about 8 audio tracks and 4-5 vst instruments at one time.

Thank you in advance for any good help. Gary

More than likely it is your video card/driver and/or a chipset problem.

If not, maybe you could turn off things like “cool and quiet” in BIOS.