Stutters when re-sizing parts of the GUI [9.0.30]

As title says, I’m noticing consistent visual and audio stutters in playback, when resizing parts of the GUI in 9.0.30, particularly when resizing track heights and lower zone heights, and just simply by opening & moving cursor across vst interfaces (eg., Strobe2 by Fxpansion), while play head is moving. Becomes worse the longer project is open, but can be temporarily remedied by switching audio drivers “back and forth”. This did not happen in 9.0.20. Kind of aggravating.

I’m on Win7, i7 3700, quad capture.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open/create project, with any number of tracks.
  2. Insert Vsti (eg., Retrologue of Strobe2)
  3. Play.
    4 Open Vsti gui - move move cursor over interface.
  4. Await graphic and audio stutter.

Does this still happen if you disable the new video engine introduced in 9.0.30?

An easy way to do this temporarily:

Open Command Prompt as Administrator. Copy/paste:

ren "%ProgramFiles%\Steinberg\Cubase 9"\Components\videoengine.dll videoengine.dll.bak

To restore the video engine: copy/paste:

ren "%ProgramFiles%\Steinberg\Cubase 9"\Components\videoengine.dll.bak videoengine.dll

Or just rename or move videoengine.dll to another place like the desktop.