Style Editor ?


Will there ever be a Style Editor, It would make GA4 complete.
I’m now dependent on the creativity of someone else and i have to pay for it.


Or perhaps a third party tool ?

What are you talking about. You can make your own patterns easily with GA4. Could you expand on this?

I’m talking about styles, not patterns
I wish i can make the patterns with the build in variations and fills, and use them the way you can use the ones i have to buy.

So … 3 years later nothing has happened? With GA5 out of the way can we have a style editor.
My idea was to fill a pattern up to the max like I would expect it to sound in the upper right-hand corner of the complexity/intensity box in the style window.
Then copy that pattern and remove stuff as they get less complex and lower the velocity to get the intensity down paired with some velocity decrease magic …
After you’re done you save it as a style stack … or something similar.
Maybe that’s not how the styles work internally in GA now but it would make it easy to edit styles if that’s the way it looked to the user.
Waiting for … GA6 :open_mouth: :laughing: