Style for 1st adn 2nd violins, possible?

I was hoping that this could be done in Dorico. It’s the house style, so I need to reproduce it.
Is there possibly an update that will allow this?

There hasn’t been an update since you asked about it here, two weeks ago:

No, it’s not possible (short of the workaround that Alan Belkin already suggested). If you were to go down that route I’d suggest creating two Violin part layouts, then using Manual Staff Visibility to hide the relevant stave in each one. It’s not pleasant, though, as it’s very much workaround territory.

edit: @benwiggy did follow through, and it looks as though this will be possible in the next version. See No Staff label grouping for Section Players

I suggested that Mike share his desired house style here so that it’s more easily retrievable for reference by the developers. Although it is often helpful (just fyi for the future @Michel_Edward) if you have related questions across the Facebook group and forum, to mention that and include cross-links so readers in either place can easily follow the full conversation. I didn’t include that recommendation though so don’t worry about it for this one!