style phrases

Makes it much more versitaile when HALion has to offer flexphraser styles
Cubase is coming with a new styletrackfeature i hope
Should also be handy if the flexphrases contain more information : length, key,…
Also handy to know what flexphrases sounds have additional programmed triggerpads chords to them.
What are the sounds what do uses articulations and what sounds uses the flexphrases…that is not easy to see in HALion 5
There are articulated sounds/ flexphrased sounds and standard sounds in HALion5.

How to use the triggerpads in a other composer than Cubase ?: it should be handy if i can record a chord under a triggerpad in a another composer.
I do need a good video tuturial from Steinberg what explains how the flexphrases exactly works : what can i do with it
Very unsatisfying…not to know exactly how it operates the software.