Styles are not recorded from Korg PA 300 in cubase

I have connected my Korg pa 300 through usb to computer. While it records individual instruments like piano, but it doesn’t record the associated style that I’m playing in korg pa 300 arranger keyboard along with piano in cubase 10 LE.

Pls help to get record my korg styles in cubase.

If i need to change any setting in korg pa 300 keyboard or in cubase, then whats the settings, i should change to record my styles along with individual sound in cubase 10 LE.

Pls help me in recording my newly purchased korg arranger keyboard… Thanks in advance.


are you sure that the Korg PA300 transmit the styles?
I didn´t know this model, but other arranger/performer-keyboards from other manufactors and they all did not transmit the style-notes. some give the workaround: copy preset-style to user-place and user-styles transmit then the notes to PC or any other connected instrument

hope that helps a bit and sorry for the very bad english (I´m german)

To record the style from Korg PA 300 to Steinberg Cubase, you must first convert it to a midi file.