Sub-brackets disappearing from (non-condensed) score

I have a score for orchestra. In Layout options > Brackets and bracing > Bracketing, I have chosen the Orchestral template. On some pages, sections of the orchestra are not bracketed, specifically wind and brass sections. On other pages, the bracketing is as I expect it to be. I have tried to change the Bracketing template and then setting it back, but it doesn’t change. Is there anything I need to, or can, reset, to make the expected brackets appear? Preferably without changing some bracket changes I have made when violin I and II both are divisi.

Also, I’d like the tenor trombones to share a sub-bracket with the bass trombone. Is there a custom setting that can make that happen? And can I turn on a setting to make the two violin sections automatically create sub-brackets when they are divisi? Right now there is no bracket separating the two sections when they are divisi, which makes it more difficult to see where violin I ends and violin II starts at the start of a system.

I’ve never had brackets disappear on me.

Is it possible you don’t have the correct options ticked where you have the violin divisi? Double check your bracketing options there.

As for the trombones, select those staves in engrave mode and click the option to add a sub bracket from the left panel.

If you’re finding that brackets don’t appear as expected, it’ll be because you have a bracketing change earlier in the flow that is incompatible with the staves visible on that system. Bracketing changes refer to very specific staves, e.g. if the first staff in the bracket is condensed, then the bracket will only apply to that specific combination of condensed instruments, and if on the next system that staff is not condensed or one of the instruments is not present on the staff, the bracket will not appear. So you may well need to create additional bracketing changes to obtain the expected result.

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