Sub brackets for divisi strings

I have a score with 'Cello divisi a3, which, after condensing, reduces to 2 staves in Engrave Mode (from the original 3 staves in Write Mode).

The layout of this condensing is div. 1.2. on the upper stave and 3. on the lower stave.

I would like to add a sub-bracket which “binds” the divisi 'Celli as a group, just as you would with a pair of flutes, or oboes, etc.

The sub-bracket tool does not allow me to drag the sub-bracket down to the lower stave of the divi 'Celli. Each time I drag it down, it pops back up (after a few seconds) and remains only on the upper stave of the divisi 'Celli.

What am I doing wrong? Have I missed some vital step?

Many thanks,

Probably you are changing the bracket on the system where the divisi starts, but the divisi change isn’t actually at the start of the system. A second stave will be drawn anyway, but it doesn’t yet technically “exist” so the bracketing change doesn’t know what it applies to.
What you can do is (in Engrave mode) select something in both staves from right after the divisi change, then click the sub-bracket icon on the left.
edit: welcome to the forum, by the way! :slight_smile:

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Hi Hugo,
Thank you for your prompt reply to my question.
I have worked through (very methodically) with your instructions, however, I have not been successful in my mission. I am very new to this software (I’m still on my 30 day trial period), so I suspect I’m doing something which Dorico doesn’t like.

You may want to check the default bracket grouping options for the layout - there’s a chance there’s a default option that will cater for this automatically.

Hi Lillie,

Thank you for your assistance. I appear to be winning most of my battles (for want of a better word) with Dorico, however, this current one still has me scratching my head. I suspect the answer will appear at some stage.

Still getting used to the software, having been a devoted and expert Finale user since 1996, so the jury is still out as to whether or not I will invest in Dorico. I still have a few days left of my trial period, so who knows.

If you want to share a version of your project that contains just enough bars to demonstrate the situation (or indeed the whole thing, it’s up to you) myself or someone else will be able to take a look and offer more specific advice.

I understand the learning curve… I switched to Dorico three years ago after 20 years in Finale. Don’t give up… it is totally worth it in the long run. And to echo Lillie, please avail yourself of the help here on the forum, including posting a project for us to help you with.

Also, I may be going out on a limb here, but you might be able to ask for an extension of your trial if you’re still in the weeds with the learning curve.

Hi Lillie,
That sounds like a good idea, thank you.
How do I do that? And, I assume I simply send the .dorico file?

P.S.: Tommy P. speaks most highly of you!

I’m so glad that you do. Nice to have a simpatico out there!
I will indeed avail myself of the help here on the forum, including sending in the project for you to look at.

Thank you for “going out on a limb” … I will have to ask for an extension of my trial period (which ends in a day or so), as I’m not yet at the stage where I feel confident enough to make the purchase, nor do I feel I have given the software enough of a chance to reveal its magic!

You should be able to attach the .dorico file into a reply in this thread - either use the attachment button in the comment box, or just drag the file into the comment box from your file explorer/Finder.

Also do pass my best back to Tommy :slight_smile:

Owing to copyright, etc., it may not be appropriate for me to post the score in this public forum, as it is a re-engraving, with corrections, of a cue from a film score. Is there anywhere else I can send it?

Yeah, you can send it to me - either in a DM here on the forum or email me at l (dot) harris (at) steinberg (dot) de

Thanks, Lillie. I have just emailed you the file.
Thank you for your assistance. :grin:

Hi @DanKreider
How do I go about applying for an extension to my trial period?

@Lillie_Harris has been wonderfully helpful with numerous “learning curve” issues. Understanding the software, and getting around it, is getting easier, compared to where I was when I began the trial.

However, I’m still not ready to make the jump (as it were). I am enjoying discovering the wonders of Dorico, but I just need a little more time to be sure that this new (very different) notation platform is for me.

Thank you,

Anthony, if you drop me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de I’ll see what I can do.

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